Genuine Windscreen! Yay or Nay!

To the naked eye, windscreens appear to be just piece of glass. However, from engineering perspective it is one of the most imperative part of occupant safety!!
Modern car wind screens play an important role in passenger and driver safety. They also play part in modern days security features such as Head Up Display, Front Collision, City Braking & Lane Departure etc. Therefore, genuine windscreen for your car is most important!!

Fake can match the look but can’t match the quality. Genuine windscreen goes an extra mile. 

You can always find some cheaper automotive parts and windscreens in particular. However similar they look but the precision and procedures are maintained at manufacturing units for genuine parts can never be performed for non genuine parts.   

Genuine parts are always exactly the same whether it is the material, size, weight or the color. Automotive industry spends million of dollars in destructive testing to replicate real life scenarios. Not all the glass manufacturers can do those tests to windscreens at that extent therefore their credibility conflicts.

Genuine parts are generally the ones that are used in production line. Therefore, little extra you pay for the genuine windscreen is worth it.

In addition to the interaction with electronic safety systems, genuine windscreens precisely match the acoustic and curvature design specifications too. So if you decided to go with non genuine windscreen you may feel more cabin noise. You may also find some stretched or squeezed view at some spots. All these little and perhaps really big flaws make non genuine not suitable for your automobile. In particular modern cars with collision safety, lane departure and head up display it makes a big difference. 

With the genuine windscreens we also recommend genuine pasting compound to compliment right replacing procedure. Correct pasting material posses right curing, sealing and thermal reaction qualities. Inferior quality pasting compound may prove difficult to work with, discolor or fail prematurely. Hence causing safety of car users and others on the road compromised.

Not just the windscreen, genuine parts should be your first preference for all the repairs. Read some advise from Mitsubishi Motors who recommends nothing but genuine for complete peace of mind. 

So next time when your car needs a windscreen rely on genuine windscreen for peace of mind and liability. 

What next? 

Call us today to book an appointment for a service or any type of repair. Because we care for your safety.  


Pic: Genuine Windscreen guarantees highest visibility and safety of passengers

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