General Maintenance

What is general maintenance?

General or preventive maintenance has it’s list of benefits. This is maintenance of your vehicle components that require either repair or replacement. And, failure to do so can result in further damage to your vehicle. As a result you compromise vehicle safety. Not only that, same repair cost you more later.

Whether you own a Toyota or a Mercedes Benz, single most important thing you can do is to trust your  mechanic’s recommendation. It is time to change your mechanic if you don’t trust him.

At South End Motors, we understand benefits of general maintenance. Therefore, at time of service we check number of various essential components. Important parts such as brakes, lights, tires and belts are checked during service. If they show any sign of wear or damage we always call our customers to make them aware of it.

Brake Pad replacement falls under preventive maintenance category. You should never ignore your mechanic’s recommendation to replace them. It will not only put your safety at risk but will also cost you more to repair later. Because, Once the worn out pads hit rotors they also severely damage the them. This essentially means you have two damaged parts. Rotors that generally cost double the cost of brake pads and brake pads themselves.

You should also learn to check the fluid levels in your cars to avoid any unwanted surprises. Failures or leaks can occur any time without any warning therefore checking under the hood can potentially save you from brake down or reactive damage to the vehicle.

We are always a phone call away should you ever have a question about your vehicle. Sometimes cars give you signs before failing down so if something does not feel right, chances are it isn’t right. Call us at 04 383 6525 if you hear a unusual sound from your vehicle, or even if you have a general question.

Timing Belts are one of the most important component that needs replacing at right interval. If failed to replace at recommended interval they can fail without any warning, causing major damage to the motor.

When it comes to servicing of vehicles, we always recommend sticking to service book schedule as recommended by the manufacturer. This not only helps keep the costs equally distributed so you don’t have to pay the large amount all at once but also helps avoid reactive failure not to mention keeping vehicle safe to drive as well.

Regularly check the battery every now and if you find corrosion at battery terminals, use hot water to clean the terminal to avoid damage to the terminal.

Various car parts we replace or check at time of service.
Benefits of general maintenance.

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